Over 50 and Fabulous!


 “Business is definitely up.  Dancing with the Stars has brought things to a new level,” she says.  “That has had a tremendous influence on people.  It brings ballroom dancing to the forefront.  They see tango or salsa, and it’s like  ‘Ooh, that looks like fun.’  They want to learn it.”


  Ms. Woodward-Clough focuses on ballroom dances, including the tango, rumba and cha-cha.  “When someone doesn’t know how to dance at all, and they’re coming to me for the first time, they usually go with the fox trot, which is slow,” she says.  “And then we go with swing.  That will be your basic fast dance.”


Put on Your Dancing Shoes …


  Finding a class or dance style --- whether folk, belly or soul line dancing --- is as simple as step, 1, 2, 3.


  First, determine what style of dance that interests you.  Second, decide if you’d prefer an open dance session or a more formal, structured dance class.  And, third, compare prices; some open dances cost as little as $8, while studio dance classes could cost $150 for a 12-week session.


  “It should not be a huge financial expense.  If someone is charging megabucks, or wanting you to sign a contract, don’t do it,” Ms. Woodward-Clough says.  “You don’t know if you’ll like it, or if you’ll want to take one or 10 classes.  Try a group class.  That’s the best thing.”


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